A Typical Exercise


A typical competence exercise might run as follows :

  1. Tailor the Competence Framework to the organisation's needs.
  2. Interviews are carried out with the Finance Leadership Team (say 6-8 people). The individual assessments are prepared and agreed with the individual, together with the individual action plan.
  3. The assessments and actions plans are agreed between the individual and the CFO.
  4. First draft summary of the organisational assessment for the leadership team is prepared, areas of exposure identified; remedial action and priorities proposed.
  5. Hold a Competences Workshop in which :
    • the Finance Leadership Team debate and finalise actions proposed to mitigate exposure risks.
    • The Finance Leadership Team and other senior finance people are trained to assess their reports.

I probably knew much of this instinctively, but the process gives objective clarity and focus to our key areas of risk exposure.”